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I absolutely love doing triathlons and have a passion for racing and coaching others. So much so that I have developed a triathlon training team (Team Blonde Runner - TBR). I have been coaching for over 16 years as a USATF certified running coach. I have been running for over 26 years and ran on scholarship in college as was honored as an all-conference runner as well as team captain. I got hooked on triathlons at my very first one in September of 2005 and love to share my enthusiasm for them through coaching and involvement in the community. I often lecture for races, teach community classes and offer clinics regularly for many race directors in Utah and Idaho. I am originally from Colorado. I am also an active blogger, Facebook user and love to post the latest training info and products on my website at I also competed at Age Group Nationals in Vermont last year and plan to go back. (I had just recovered from a broken arm so didn’t perform as well as I could have last year so I have to go back and prove myself). I have qualified and am already signed up for the 2012 event and was delighted to see that it will be in Vermont again (beautiful venue).

Blonde Runner Product Review: RunGoo

I have just discovered another great product that I wanted to share with you.  I’ve been searching for something with a little more substance (thicker) for use in my running and cycling shoes during short course triathlons that can protect my barefeet from chaffing/blisters and I think I have found it.  I’ve always been a [...]

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Yes, it’s a dirty, filthy word and I really don’t like to be negative but sometimes things need to be said.  I am disturbed by some of the images and praise I see from so-called “hard core” athletes and parents out there.  Things like how proud they are of their child for throwing up at [...]

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The Blonde Runner 90/10 rule

For years I have been teaching a nutrition principle that I like to call the 90/10 rule.  The rule is simple but is designed to help people achieve balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle over a long period of time.

90 percent of the time
you need to eat for fuel
& 10 percent for fun

I would define [...]

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Great earbuds!

You’ve all been there, bouncing along the road running with your music going and your earbud bounces right out of your ear.  It’s irritating to keep having to put them back in and missing some of your favorite lyrics.  I’ve tried many different ones but they all end in the same result, frustration.  I am [...]

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USA Cycling announces anti-doping RaceClean program

I love to see efforts like this to help clean up the cycling world. Check out this new anti-doping Race Clean program put out by USA Cycling. Read more
~ Coach Lora Erickson

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Quinoa (a super food) recipes from Blonde Runner

What is Quinoa?
Quinoa (Keen-wah) is often considered a “grain” or “seed” from South America and is quickly becoming more popular in America. Quinoa is very versatile and can be used in sweet or savory dishes and is packed with high quality protein/amino acids as well as other important nutrients like iron. Despite its higher carbohydrate [...]

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Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated
The Importance of Cellular Hydration & Electrolytes
By Coach Lora Erickson,
Winter is often the time of year when proper hydration is neglected and dehydration is common.  There are many reasons for this.  The majority of the body’s water is lost through breathing, so living in Northern Utah where the air is cold and dry [...]

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Book Review: As The Crow Flies by Craig “Crowie” Alexander

This book and photo journal follows professional athlete Craig “Crowie” Alexander on his journey through a history making 2011 season where he broke a 15-year course record to win his third Ironman World Championships and pulled a “double” win taking the 70.3 World Championships in the same year. This is an amazing accomplishment. Craig Alexander, [...]

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Endurance Films Rides Videos

Rock on!  I just received a shipment of videos from Endurance Films.  I am super excited to get to view their Rides videos.  Wa-hoo!  Winter will be in Utah before you know it.  Thanks Endurance Films!

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Words to describe me as a coach

A few months ago I celebrated my 40th birthday.  For the majority of those 40 years I have absolutely loved to promote health in any way I could.  I believe it was noticeable to others early on in my life and it was obvious to me that it was something I felt strongly about.  That [...]

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