Tricks to successful Open water swimming in the ocean

Swimming in the ocean, with long distances between buoys can be tricky. Today I swam in a 3mi. open water swim at La Jolla Cove, Ca in pristine weather and ocean water conditions and was fortunate to win in 1.12.20. I am quite certain that my results were heavily impacted by my heightened efforts to "feel" the roll of the swells, wind chop, and not let my body become "bent" at the core, but consta... Read More

Team USA Process from a First-Time Member

Next weekend, in Burlington Vermont at USAT Nationals , 18 athletes per age group will qualify for Team USA that will head to London in 2013. As a first-timer in this year-long process I thought I'd share a bit about how that worked, at least this past year. Nationals - At the evening awards ceremony we found out if we had earned a spot and then we were asked to "claim" our spot. Officials p... Read More

My Best Race Ever...

Sunday, August 5 th I did the Branbury Classic Triathlon in Salisbury, VT at Lake Dunmore.  This was only my 7 th Olympic distance ever, but it was my 4 th year in a row doing this event.  This race has a lot of meaning to me:   I was born and raised in Brandon, VT (the next town over).  I would spend my summers swimming, boating, and working at Lake Dunmore.  Along with that, I did my first sp... Read More

Training with a sling . . .

It's been a week since I crashed on my bike and injured my right shoulder. A tough and painful week. A week of doubt. My wife has skilfully tended to my road rash, making sure it didn't get infected. It has, in fact, healed quite nicely. Not so the rest of my shoulder, however. I didn't see a doctor, confident that I didn't fracture, break or dislocate anything. Instead, I opted for icing, arnica... Read More

Racing with recent injuries

Racing triathlons with recent injuries can be a tricky business. I have had a nagging achilles injury due to my knee replacement and recently was run off the road by another cyclist resulting in two broken ribs, broken wrist, and hip and lots of road rash. In order to create a master schedule that would lead to best recovery, overall health and still maximize my training, and prep for my next rac... Read More

Win at Tri Adventure Summer Sprint

husband at right, possibly pretending not to know me! photo by J. De La Garza The Tri Adventure Summer Sprint was a welcome no-travel race as it was only 20 minutes from the house. This is just the second year for this well-run pool sprint tri that draws a number of new triathletes from the area. My parents came into town to see Grant's summer play production on Thursday and stayed throug... Read More

Back to the Racing Scene

After a two month hiatus, yesterday I competed in the Bridgeland Triathlon . I picked this race because my "A-race" is a mere 3 weeks away, its a local production put on by one of the best racing companies,  OnUrMark , and a sprint is the best way to tune up any final touches! Sprints are HARD. They are  fast , and they dont exactly give you time to get the ball rolling like an olympic and half... Read More

Beach to Beacon 10k Race Report

Yesterday marked my 4th running of the Beach to Beacon 10k in the 15th edition of the race.  This is a huge race here in New England, drawing some top shelf international talent and all of the big guns of Maine and the nearby states, as well as many friends and family members.  There were 6,107 competitors that completed the course.  For reference, the 10th placed finishers yesterday were 29:24 fo... Read More

Greenwich Sprint Triathlon Race Report

My alarm went off at 4:15am as it does most days of the week these days and it was time to get moving and ready for the race.  Normally on race morning I'm excited, I usually can't wait to get to the venue get my warmup in and and catch up with friends that I might not have seen in awhile.  However, after a big training week my mind and my body just did not want to race, and just wanted to hop bac... Read More

Bike fit adjustments

Throughout the early portion of the training season and my earlier races I noticed the forearm pads on my aerobars wearing down quicker than usual. Typically I replace them every year, but so far this year I had to replace them twice. I decided to schedule a fitting at my local bike shop (this was fitting number 4 on this bike...1. initial fitting 2. new saddle 3. new aerobars). After an initial a... Read More

Top Gun Triathlon Race Report

This weekend past I competed in the Top Gun Sprint Triathlon in Terra Verde, FL at the great Ft. Desoto. It was a 400m ocean swim, 10 mile TT, 3.35 off road beach run. I was really excited going into this race as I knew that it would be a challenge for me after coming off of 2 70.3's back to back. I trained through this race and had good workouts leading up to the race. As Saturday approached I w... Read More
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