Triathlon open water swimming - how to do drafting

[leadplayer_vid id="5227489A36620"] Triathlon open water swimming drafting techniques, how to position yourself to achieve the best results. To view and comment on this video, Click Here 0:05 - What is the purpose of drafting in open water swimming? 0:28 - The key to saving energy on the swim in Triathlon. 0:42 - How to stay close to the person in front of you without hitting them. 0:59... Read More

Triathlon Open Water Swimming- Tips for a race start

Gerry Rodrigues demonstrates the correct technique for dolphin dives in swimming. To view and comment on this video, Click Here 0.05  The importance of, swinging your feet out to the side when running into open   water. 0.20 What is the fastest technique for getting into deep water for Open water Swimming. 0.43 Why the pool is the best place for learning Dolphin dives. 1.00 Gerry Rodrigues demons... Read More

Mark Allen speaks on Tapering Before Ironman Race

[leadplayer_vid id="521CD11DAF8BC"] Mark Allen discusses how to approach the taper before an ironman Triathlon Race To view and comment on this video, Click Here 0:17 - Four Week Taper is Ideal for IM Triathlon 0:41 - How to taper for the run 1:05 - How to taper for the bike 1:29 - How to manage stress before race week. 2:01 - When you should travel to your ironman race 2:26 - Racewee... Read More
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