I finally made it out to Boulder, Colorado! I have been here for three weeks now and it is going great. I made the move out here with the help of my dad. We took turns driving the 2000-mile trip! We stopped and saw family and friends along the way, which was great. You never really can tell how big America is after making a trip like that. In addition, driving through Kansas was probably the most boring part of the drive except being pulled over by a cop due to my front headlight being out. I’m just happy he let me off with a warning. It took us three days to complete the trip. First we stopped in Pittsburgh then went to St. Louis taking I-70 West the whole way. We stopped off and saw Harry Truman’s library on the way, which was great to see. You can spend a whole day there if you wanted to. The amount of history on him that is in that house is amazing. However, we had to keep moving. We finally made in to Boulder around 11:30 pm on the third day. It has been a great three weeks here meeting new people and learning how to get around the area, especially places to train. I hope that I can find a job soon though. I have been submitting applications and resumes to businesses all over the place! My roommates have been great with showing me where I can go running and bringing me out to different places around town. I like the fact that there are endless trails you can go running on around here which are right out my backdoor. The first week here was killer since I was still adjusting to the altitude. Any little hill (and I mean little hill) that I ran up, my heart rate would just sky rocket! Also, in the swims, my arms felt like they would just fall off, but the bike was not that bad. It was just easier to keep my heart rate up longer than normal. But that is starting to change this past week in the bike and swim. Things are feeling a lot better. The run though is slowly getting there, but it’s not as bad as it was. I can actually go up big hills now. So, I am putting all my chips in now and just taking a chance on pursuing my triathlon goals. This experience has been great so far and I am looking forward to seeing where it all takes me. Here is the view when I leave my house:


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