Periodically we’ll do a “roll call” to find out a little more about the EFRT members and to see the diversity in approaches to topics related to training and racing. Leave us a comment and tell us what brought YOU to triathlon!!

I was an elite swimmer in college, however I had not trained or competed in 18 years when I started this triathlon addiction. [Siphiwe Baleka, 40, Muncie, IN] I came into triathlon a true swimmer and was going to swim in college but I decided it was not for me. I had never cycled or run before and ran my first 5k when I was 19. Originally I loved triathlon because it was so different than swimming laps up and down a pool and during my first race it felt like an adventure going through each of the three disciplines. I also loved the atmosphere in triathlon. It was so encouraging and positive. I really felt like I had a connection to the multisport lifestyle and have stuck with it every since.  [Bill Vann, 22, Ft. Lauderdale, FL] I came to triathlon as a gym rat.  I was all about being as big & strong as I could be!  Before I did my first triathlon and slimmed down I had to regularly body-glide my legs because my quads were both larger than 28 inches and they used to rub and cause chafing.  I've since lost over 60 lbs and have cut my body fat down to as low as 8% when racing. [Nick Logan, 30, Norwalk, CT] I swam a little bit in highschool, but primarily my background is running. I ran Club XC at Penn State for 3 years, and really loved the team bonding that endurance athletes share. I picked up triathlon because I missed my teammates! [Liz Baugher, 23, College Station, TX] [caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Sip and Cortney"][/caption] I grew up riding horses and never swam, biked, or ran until my 40s. I started running because like a lot of moms, I had neglected myself and found myself in terrible shape. After a running-related stress fracture, I knew I needed to diversify my training. So I found my coach, got a used bike, worked on my swim, and did my first triathlon in 2009. Exactly two years after that, I earned a spot on Team USA for next year. It's never too late to become an athlete!! [Cortney Martin, 44, Blacksburg, VA] I was a competitive swimmer ever since I could remember. I became really competitve in the last six years when I began swimming everyday and racing more than once a month. I was selected to swim for the USA my Junior Year of high school against the Canadian National Youth team and the Mexican National Youth Teams. I also competed at many state championships, a National Championship and High School State Championships. My specialty in club swimming were the distance events the 1500 M free,  800 M Free, 400 M Free, 400 M IM and the 200 M Fly. In High School it was a 500 yd free, 200 yd free, and relays.  [Casey Bateman, 22, Santa Maria, CA] I came to triathlon as kind of a cyclist. I was a spinning teacher which led me to start riding outside.  I started doing centuries for charities such as Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes and captained top fundraising teams.  I had a heavy Hybrid bike I rode for hundreds of miles (slowly) for 5 years. I have had asthma problems and knee pain any time I had tried to run (even as a kid) and I never had an opportunity to learn how to swim.  Since I couldn’t afford a coach and I didn’t know anyone that did triathlons I relied on my exercise physiology education and lots of research to get me through. I taught myself how to swim and designed a corrective exercise program for myself to correct the muscular imbalances affecting my knee tracking.   Three years ago everyone told me I would never go far in this sport, I’m excited to prove them wrong. [Laura Bergmann, 29, Ranson, WV] Collegiate sailor, sailed varsity on my college sailing team…still sail competitively, my husband (Pro sailor) wants us to do an Olympic campaign…oh yes because we have so much spare time!!!  NO prior swim, bike or running experience prior to my first sprint which was my first ocean swim. [Diane Camet, 41, San Diego]


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