Hello All,  These past two weeks have been quite eventful. With the olympic training center posting its benchmark tests for residency stays of elite athletes we have been chasing the standards a little bit to check our fitness and compare to some of the countries elite. I had quite a performance. The swim time standard was a 18:23 for a long course 1500 M swim. I used my swim time from this past year of 16:54. For the run time trial I had a not so phenomanal 3k TT. I was out a little slow and negative split coming home. This Past weekend I ran a 5.1K footrace ard went 15:58 which met the time standards of a 15:45 5.0K race. I recieved my invitation to train with some of the top Triathlon coaches in the country as I work to qualify for the U-23 Draft Legal National and World Championship teams. I will be going between June and September of 2012 to hone in skills of pack racing, get some altitude training as well as get some exercise physiology testing. I am very excited to be provided this opportunity. In other news I have recieved my first of new new bikes from my sponsors at specialized bikes. I have recieved my timetrial bike and will be getting my road bike in the next 2 weeks. Once again thank you to Specialized for providing this to me. The off season is well under way and Training has been steadily increasing and I feel that i'm getting stronger each week I look forward to my first race in March!


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