Mon. 5:45pm-7:30pm spin 1hr, then run 20min fartlek, then leg wts and balance exercises Tues. 6pm-7:15pm swim 3000yards Wed. same as mon. except upper body wts instead of legs Thurs. same as Tues Fri. 4:45pm run 40min trail or track for speed and swim after for 1hr Sat. 8am bike either 10xhill repeats, or 40+mi. or spin for 1.5hr, with max intervals Sun. 10am upper and lower body wts and yoga Everyday 6:45am and 9:30pm stretch Every Mon Wed Fri 6:45am. 50 push ups, 200 leg raises and 10 pull ups Every Tues. Thurs. 6:45am 50 one legged squats on stairs Walk to and from work and gym regularly for stronger legs, clearer head, and smaller footprint


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