This weekend I ran in the BCS Half-marathon. This inaugural race, sold out in its first year and was in my back yard, thus I had to take advantage of it! I havent been running much since my last race (Austin 70.3). I got some terrible ITB problems from that race and they have been pretty debilitating since then. However, I have been able to catch up on my swimming and biking, apparently leaving my aerobic capacity in good spirits. This was my 3rd Half-marathon and 5th if you count the Half-ironman races. I am proud to say that I finally got a PR, even with my craptastic running lately! Wahoo 1:27:40! Heres a pic of me and my buddy Jose. We were both trying to break 1:30 so we paced each other smoothly and kicked its butt! The race was perfect running conditions....about 42 degrees, calm wind, and eventually the sun came out. I dont usually like colder days because of my knees, but it really was ideal. I finished with a nice pile of salt on my face and neck,to turn around and go straight to an interviewe by KBTX because I was the first female finisher! Wow, I never ever thought I would win a half-marathon! I dont even think about winning running races anymore (because I love triathlon so much!), I really just wanted to have a good run and hope my knee made it through. This was great! It is definitely a mental booster going into the base training season. For now I just need to keep icing up the knee and be positive that my running capabilities will not drop off too much. I cant wait for next season!     Congrats to all my friends who raced this weekend also. Domination on both the half and full sides!


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