Ok. I'm a little peeved that so many of my teammates have posted such great reads already and I'm just now getting logged into our new EFRT website/blog. Am I going to be out-blogged, too?! ...LOL. Geez, this team is a bunch of super achievers.... I AM TOTALLY INSPIRED AFTER SEEING THEIR RACE RESULTS AND READING THEIR RACE REPORTS. That said, I have the best excuse for my late appearance. I got a rare chance to spend four (4) days and four (4) nights in a row with my family in Muncie, IN. We had planned to make a mini vacation at my father's resort trailer park but weather and circumstances changed the plan a bit. We ended up staying in Muncie and Friday night the whole family went rollerskating. Let me tell you, rollerskating is a great cross training activity, especially with a six year old AND teenage girls! On Saturday my seven-months pregnant wife and I got up at 6 am to do a spin class at the YMCA. I also swam 3000 yds and did a three mile run brick after the spin class (6:15 pace on treadmill). We then picked up the kids and went to the Prairie Creek Reservoir (site of all the triathlons in Muncie) and we fished for a few hours, and the kids swam for a few hours, and I grilled for a few hours! Sunday I finally got to rest. My son Isaac turned 11 so we went out to eat at King Buffet (I love those frog legs!) and gave him his new 3D DS game player which he thought was the absolute coolest and for a few minutes I was definitely the best dad in the world! :) Monday, it was back to training (35 miles on the bike), then back to the truck, and I managed to squeeze in a 5.3 mile run at about 9:30 pm. It was an exhausting weekend, but it was fantastic. For the week I managed: SWIM 5980.84 Yd - 1h 39m 37s BIKE 78.31 Mi - 4h 36m 24s RUN 24.29 Mi - 3h 42m 22s ROLLERSKATING 3h 00m 00s     


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