Late last night while driving from Carthage, MS to Knoxville, TN en route to Denver, PA, I spoke with my wife about My Dream. You know, that fantasy, that bucket list of the most fantastic thing you would just love to do that costs a ridiculously insane amount of money...Well, yeah, I had that talk with her. And, bless her heart, she told me to go for it. So, five minutes ago, on the strength of her encouragement and support, I did it. I registered for the 2012 Ironman South Africa (April 22). So go ahead and put that on the race calendar EFRT! Now, my wife also says I am very close to being clinically diagnosed as narcissistic. I countered, however, that Narcissism, and its lesser form, Opportunism, are actually a positive when used to benefit others! So I was able to spin this Ironman South Africa Dream as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her and the kids to return to our ancestral homeland, see giraffes, and ...of Dad become an Ironman. The estimated price tag for race entry, passports and visas, airline tickets, rental car, hotel, food, and activities - $22,900. Yep. Damn near $25,000...... And that doesn't include raising the funds for producing the Endurance Films video documentary of the whole crazy thing. (I'm thinking of calling it: Odyssey of a TriBlackAlete). Now here is where this crazy plan turns to shear lunacy! I plan to fund this thing by selling Fitness Trucking 140.6 Energy Bars and Trychips. How's that for Narcissism and Opportunism. I get you to eat healthy so that I can fulfill a bucketlist item. LOL. So yep, for starters. I am now out to sell 5000 cases of Fitness Trucking 140.6 Energy Bars. Just go to Click "Build A Bar", type "i57px" where it says Reorder Energy Bar By Code then type "Fitness Trucking" again in coupon box to get a discount! I got more ideas, but I'm starting with this one. Unfortunately, my fundraising plan to get Danny and Eric to go to South Africa with me hit a snag today when rejected my project proposal. Ouch! Was counting on that....So I will have to figure out another way to get the documentary made. And finally, as a back up plan, I also registered for 2012 Ironman Louisville. Like I said, this is Ironman Insanity! Invoice: Siphiwe Baleka Email address: World Endurance South Africa (Pty) Ltd (prices in South African Rand) Ironman - Amateur (standard) 1 R4,000.00 Donation 1 R100.00  Finisher Pix 1 R320.00 2012 DVD 1 R200.00 2011 DVD 1 R150.00 2010 DVD 1 R100.00 Easy Reg Service Charge 1 R121.75     Grand Total R4,991.75


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