This week is my peak in training as I start to taper next week for October 1 Sprint at Powerman Muncie, IN and October 9 Olympic at Rev 3 Anderson, SC. So far, I am very happy with last week's training. I managed: Swim 5000.00 Yd - 1h 09m 11s  Bike 107.35 Mi - 6h 18m 47s Run 26.47 Mi - 3h 42m I'm pretty amazed that I am training 11 hours a week now while still driving 3000 miles a week. I am most happy with my running. I am running longer now (up to 13 miles on my long day) and I ran several mile brick runs under 6:40 pace and some .5 mile fartleks under 5:50. I can run well under 6:45 comfortably now and my goal is to run at least as fast as Liz (6:06 pace) at Powerman Muncie. I'm going to really give it everything I got in hopes of winning that sprint triathlon as I was 2nd there earlier in the season. I would like to get more swim trianing, but now that the weather is changing, I'm not getting that once-a-week open water swim that I used to get, so its only two pool sessions now, and usually I don't do more than 3,000 yds at a time. I'm swimming more 100's under 1:10 pace however. I don't really know what I'm doing on the bike other than trying to get in as much mileage as I can. I've been able to hit a spin class once a week and I think that is helping, but I will really get into focused bike training this offseason.


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