Hello Everyone,  How is it going? This is my last week before my first Elite Race in LA this coming weekend. I've been studying the course and watching the waves to observe what I will be working through so far it looks to my advantage. This week will be my first taper of my triathlon career and I'm feeling great. I was planning to taper for National Championships this year but as noted in previous posts I was hit by a car and taper was off the table so that i could just get in reasonable shape for the race. Now though I'm feeling great the run is coming together really well, the bike fitness keeps growing stronger and my swim is at par again. I have been finally swimming double nearly everyday to get back to where I was and biking has been the priority. Got the bike cleaned up last night and best part of taper after cutting the workload is practicing on the race wheels on my bike rides. They are so awesome and look so good! I'll be leaving on friday morning for LA in which I will hang out get a few ocean swims in and then race day will be Sunday morning! I will keep you all updated through the week!


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