my workout schedule with focus/goals of satisfaction at Burlington Tri Nationals and NZ Tri Worlds 2012

Please let me know if you will join me, either consistently or not, for any of the following workouts. I won't miss many. Hope you'll join me for some! Every work out noted is for that day of the week, every week, until THE WORLD TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS IN NEW ZEALAND, October 20, 2012, except race taper weeks of May 1, and August 18.  Also, exceptions will occur on Tri club race weekends, Fiesta Is. time trials which I will do in March, April, May and June, Tri club aquathlons, every 3rd Thurs, 6pm, of every month from April-Oct, 2012.  I plan on smiling and relaxing and breathing and being fully present during all of these moments. I may do well, as a goal, in some of the races, with the primary goal of OPTIMUM HEALTH IN A SHARED EXPERIENCE.  PLEASE JOIN ME ANY WAY YOU SEE FIT, AND I WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU!  THANKS Mon.  5:45pm-7:30pm  spin at PAC, then run, then leg wts and balance Tues. 6pm-7:15pm swim at PAC Wed. same as mon. except upper body wts instead of legs Thurs. same as Tues Fri. 4:45pm  run 40min trail or track for speed and swim after for 1hr at Cathedral High Sat. 8am  bike either torrey repeats, Oceanside 40+mi. or spin for 1.5hr Sun. 10am  upper and lower body wts and yoga Everyday 6:45am and 9:30pm stretch Every Mon Wed Fri 6:45am. 50 push ups, 200 leg raises and 10 pull ups Every Tues. Thurs. 6:45am 50 one legged squats on stairs Walk to and from work and gym regularly for stronger legs, clearer head, and smaller footprint.   Scott Endsley, Endurance Films Racing Team


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