Triathlon can be an all-consuming activity when added to work and family, but it's important to have other ways to unwind. Members of the Endurance Films Racing Team were asked, what are your hobbies and interests outside of triathlon? How do you relax and recharge?

I like to hike, although I didn't get much do last year.  I'm also a big football fan....Go Giants! [Nick Logan, 30, Norwalk, CT] I have eight kids. I am not allowed to relax! Actually, I enjoy making home movies with my Vado HD cam. I also like watching UFC fights and football, and Sundays can find me on the couch. For Christmas this year we bought an electirc bass guitar and a set of congo drums, and I play them everynight to put the family to sleep. Im also an avid movie watcher, especially mushy, inspiration "triumph against all odds" type of movies. Whenever there is a swim meet televised on Universal Sports, you can bet I'm watching it, too. And lately, our family has become fiercely involved in some epic Uno games.  [Siphiwe Baleka, 40, Muncie, IN Outside of triathlon I enjoy coaching bootcamp, triathlon groups, and group exercise classes. I really thrive off of inspiring others to be fit and healthy. Its a great trade-off. I also enjoy, watching my weekly "shows", reading, blogging, and just hanging out with my boyfriend. [Liz Baugher, 23, College Station, TX] Sleeping in is my favorite.  Epsom salt baths are the best way to relax and recharge.  Triathloning and lifting are what I like to do for fun! Laying in the sun and taking a nap is awesome but there is no beach around here so I don't get to do that :(  I really just run, bike, swim, work. [Laura Bergmann, 30, Ranson, WV] Outside of work and training/racing, I enjoy doing an assortment of things with my two sons (ages 9&11) and their friends – skiing, bowling, board games, skating, hiking, baking, canoeing, biking, zip lining, whatever! To relax and recharge more quietly at home I like to do jigsaw puzzles, read, blog (Cort the Sport) and SLEEP! Sleeping is definitely a favorite! [Cortney Martin, 45, Blacksburg, VA] The beautiful thing about triathlon is that it is truly an international sport!  What better way to relax, before, during, and after a race, than to take in the sites and pleasures of some far away spot that has donated its local to other like minded health enthusiasts!  I find this is the best way to relax, and unwind, from the stresses of triathlon training and racing!  I find I even perform better if my focus, even if just before and after the races, is to stay relaxed, peaceful, stress free, and happy during the time around race day.  Also, I make many "friends for life" at the these races, and love visiting with them, and playing host to them when they come visit San Diego.  [Scott Endsley, 57, San Diego, CA] Outside of triathlon is my company (Eco Sports Bottles) which I own and run and most important is my husband and our three little kids!  They keep me busy and constantly entertained! [Diane Camet, 41, San Diego, CA]


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