I'm four months away from my first triathlon of 2012, but I'm already thinking about ways to race smarter, tighten things up, and shave precious time where I can. Transitions provide an opportunity for time savings with minimal physical effort, so why not try to capitalize on that? Honestly I thought I knew most of the "tricks" for transition. After all, I've done fifteen whole triathlons (!!) and my transitions are usually pretty good.  After watching this Endurance Films DVD, Triathlon Transitions, Mastering the 4th Discipline, I realize there are plenty of ways for me to improve. Plen-ty! This video breaks it down into Pre-race setup, T1, and T2 and presents the information in a very systematic way. Elite and pro racers share their best advice and tips and it's nice to hear some of it directly from the mouth of the likes of Matty Reed, Greg Bennett, and Joanna Zeiger. The DVD shows many racers going through transition, something we don't get to see when we are involved in our own racing. I've always kind of wondered how other people did it, now I know. I appreciated the "What NOT to do" sections which was a bit like transition bloopers and kind of funny! One of the best sections was on bike mounts and dismounts. They offer multiple alternatives, show step-by-step how to acquire the skills, and they explain why particular positions are most advantageous/least risky. I picked up at least a dozen simple time-saving and risk-reducing ideas and I plan to work on my running mount this spring. Watching the fast racers get off their bikes showed me that I probably don't have to slow down as much as I do to get off my bike. The included tip sheet and checklist will be going into my transition bag too. This is a great DVD that easily held my attention. I'll be rewatching this one for a race season tune-up!    


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