Heading into our first race season as a member of the Endurance Films Racing Team would like to thank Endurance Films for taking a giant leap to create an Age Group team and for each of our amazing sponsors taking that leap with them and supporting us on every training day on and off the race course. I think that sometimes we overlook the opportunity to say "Thank you" and let you know that we appreciate what you do for us.  I do want you to know that we don't "expect" product because we are a part of a team, but rather that we are appreciative of your hard work to create a company and products that benefit our sport and enable us to achieve our goals in races.  That's important, so thank you. I also think that a key difference between supporting/sponsoring age groupers versus elite athletes is that elite athletes get so many products thrown at them from the time they receive their pro card that they quickly come to expect them and the continuation thereof leading to gross indefinite unappreciation. Age groupers on the other hand (okay, I am a little biased) are used to receiving nothing at all except plastic goodie bags filled with coupons to places we never go and finishers' medals to adorn the insides of our closets.  No spotlight, cameras and people wanting our autographs for the same level of output, effort and tenacity as an elite triathlete.  In many cases those products which we do receive free up funds to hopefully enable us to travel to qualifying races, national events and even worlds where we can visibly represent and recognize those who have poured their heart, souls, and bank accounts into their companies creating the very products we should wear proudly and appreciatively knowing that no company, team or race is created or won based on a sincere lack of effort or appreciation for how we got there, raced there, and left a better person and athlete as a result. So the opportunity for an age grouper to participate on any team is a privilege and a gift and provides us each with a sense of accomplishment and continued motivation not just on an individual level anymore, but on an elevated level of support and camaraderie that typically is only experienced at the elite level.   And for that I thank you Danny and Eric for taking that leap into the darkness of age groupers and for our sponsors who followed them in and hopefully, as a team, we will not disappoint you but show you that the true gift of sponsoring age groupers is knowing that you are an integral part of the very reason we are able to train and race and continue to inspire and motivate us beyond what we thought was physically possible. - Diane Camet, "Proud" Age Group Triathlete Endurance Films Racing Team    


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