Need something new to try for breakfast?? Alot of people skip over breakfast, but this meal is the most important meal you can eat all day- so why not have fun with it!!?? Have you ever heard of or tried Overnight Oats? Ok, they may not look that great, BUT They are soooo easy, and so delicious!

So Basically, I decided to make this batch because I had just a wee bit of peanut butter left. *Note you dont have to have use PB to make this*. This version called for:
~End of PB container
~Vanilla soy Milk
~Scoop of Flax (for extra protein!)
Put in the fridge the night BEFORE, and presto! Enjoy when you wake up. The oats soak up all the moisture and the usual Hot oatmeal that you enjoy daily, has now turned into a Cold cereal! If you google overnight oats you will come across tens of thounsands of recipes. The thing that is so cool about this, is that you can use almost anything! Tomorrow I am going to test out, oats + soy Milk + Apple cinnamon Greek yogurt. In fact, the majority of recipes call for Almond milk and Greek yogurt. But basically its up to you!
So why should you try this recipe??
1) Its easy and convenient, and your meal is ready to go in the morning! You can even eat your CEREAL in the car! Who eats cereal in the car?
2) Its Healthy! It contains carbs, protein, healthy fats, and keeps you satisfied for many hours after.
3) Its versatile! Pick and choose whichever ingredients you would like. Let me know your favorite recipes!
4) Its the perfect summer oatmeal. Who likes hot oatmeal when they are sweating? You dont have to sweat to eat this!
4) Its Delicious. Nom Nom. Enough Said!
Just another reason why breakfast is my favorite meal.... ;p


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