We just read about Nick's wrong turn as he led a 5K race and was misdirected. Things happen, and even the pros face the unexpected race day snafu. I recently read how Meb Keflezighi inadvertently left a plastic Breathe Right strip in his shoe, but nevertheless ran to a PB at the NYC Marathon with it digging into his foot the entire way. It ultimately led to an infection, which he recovered from in time to win the Olympic Marathon Trials. So, Endurance Films Racing Team members, tell us about a racing or training snafu you have experienced?

I competed in the Rhoto IronMan 70.3 in Kona in June 2011.  I went with my training buddies and a couple of nights before the race we had a few bottles of wine.  I wanted to keep a cork so I tossed it into my transition bag. At the race,  I finished the bike in under 3 hours and I’m in transition with the volunteers who shout out your bib number and run your transition bag to you.  I grab my running shoes and can’t figure out why my foot won’t fit into the shoe.  I pull it out and look at it, it still looks like a normal shoe so I try again, same thing.  I realized that there was something in there besides my foot.  I turned my shoe upside down and there was the +*/< cork!  Instead of shouting out numbers one of the volunteers yelled “hey this one has a wine cork in her shoe but we can’t find the bottle” so of course I said I used it to hydrate on the bike.  Everyone got a good laugh and I still have the cork!  [Diane Camet, 41, San Diego, CA]   My closest call was at a race last year, when I was coming into T2. As I came down a hill to the dismount line I suddenly heard a number of people in the crowd yelling something at me very insistently and I couldn’t tell if they were telling me to get off or if I had missed the line or what! I searched out the dismount line and suddenly could not remember if I was supposed to get off before or after the line, so I split the difference and tried to get off exactly at the line. Then until the awards were handed out, I wondered if I might have been DQed. I wasn’t, and I’m still not sure what all the yelling was about, but it sure messed with my head. [Cortney Martin, 45, Blacksburg, VA]   While racing for a podium finish at the world's largest triathlon, Wildflower tri, I came out of the swim in the lead, jumped on the bike, and immediately the tube AND TIRE blew out so hard the explosion bent the rim and scared every one nearby.  A small girl standing nearby, witnessed the event and offered me her bike to ride, (frame size half the size of my bike, and the wrong pedals, so no clip in possibilities).  I borrowed her bike, "rode" the hilly, sprint course, "looked like a clown riding a circus tricycle", since I couldn't sit down. My knees were above the handle bars, and my bike cleats were sliding all over the pedals, but still managed a podium finish. Every one thought it was hilarious, except for my sore legs and back after that ride! [Scott Endsley, 57, San Diego, CA]   At 2011 Age Group Nationals, I flirted with the idea of swimming to win the swim leg of my age group/wave. I thought it would be neat to say I was winning the race at some point. Unfortunately I went out too fast, swallowed a lot of water, and bonked by the first 800 meters! I didn't recover until about 5 miles into the bike!  [Siphiwe Baleka, 40, Muncie, IN]   In my first half-ironman, the course directors were not doing a very good job telling us where to go. It was 104 degrees and I was at mile 12, and all I wanted to do was be done!! The director told me to run in one direction, which was apparently wrong and tacked on about an extra mile to my race. I was soooo mad, but I had no choice but to keep running till the finish line and forget about throwing a hissy fit! Needless to say when I crossed the finish line, i was just glad I was done and didn't care what turns I took!  [Liz Baugher, 23, College Station, TX]   I had to run a 10 K with a gel stuck to the bottom of my foot! Then at another race I beat the volunteers.  I headed out on the run and had to wait at an intersection, there was no markings and no volunteer.  I just stood there until a male runner finally came, then we stood there together waiting for some direction.  I still won but I make sure I know the course well before any race now. [Laura Bergmann, 30, Ranson, WV]  

 What racing snafu have YOU had?  


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