The Endurance Films Racing Team is proud to be supported by tremendous sponsors such as TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks is the gold standard for planning, tracking, analyzing, and sharing multisport workouts and it is used by coaches and athletes worldwide. Some team members have been using the system for years while others adopted it upon joining the team. Regardless, we agree that it would be difficult to train efficiently and reach the levels of success we have without it. Here are the team thoughts on this vital tool: I use TrainingPeaks on a daily basis, not only to track my workouts but also to track my nutrition.  I add all my meals to make sure that I am getting enough nutrients to recover from my training sessions but also to make sure I am not overeating.  The Performance Management Chart is another feature that I use extensively to track my current training load and make sure I am not over training. TrainingPeaks is essential to my success as an athlete. (Nick Logan) I've been using TrainingPeaks for 3-1/2 years now, logging over 1200 workouts including a combined 10,500 bike and run miles! To me, a workout is not complete until it's recorded on TrainingPeaks, either through my computer, where I upload my Garmin run and bike data, or through my phone. My coach loads my workouts into TrainingPeaks and I print them out in a neat calendar format for the refrigerator, but I also use the iPhone app and computer. I love the maps, graphs, and assortment of analytical tools they offer. It's so easy for anyone to use but appeals to the data junkie in me! You might recall my year end training summary post -- all the info came straight from TrainingPeaks! The TrainingPeaks staff is incredibly responsive, answering questions quickly, and adding useful new features regularly. This is a fantastic tool both in terms of the interface and functionality. (Cortney Martin)   TrainingPeaks, oh TrainingPeaks, I would be no athlete or coach without thee. I use TrainingPeaks multiple times a day to record my workouts and correspond with my coach as well as the athletes I coach. TrainingPeaks lets my coach know via email alert when I have completed my workout and she can immediately evaluate how I am doing. TrainingPeaks makes it easy to analyze, evaluate and record all of my training and I wouldn't switch it for anything else! (Liz Baugher)   Up until about a month ago I had an agenda that I used to write down all my daily workouts.  At the end of the week I would then have to do some complicated math (to round or not to round) to see what my weekly totals were.  The amount of time spent doing this, I could have gotten another workout in!  So I decided to try out TrainingPeaks to help organize my training for my marathon on November 18th.  It's been great!  If I'm not near my computer after a workout, I'll just grab my phone and use the TrainingPeaks App to enter in my workout.  I'll never forget to record a workout anymore.  Also, TrainingPeaks automatically sums up all your workouts to give you a weekly total breakdown of mileage and time.   TrainingPeaks gets two thumbs up from me!  I can't wait to use it when I ramp up my triathlon training! (Corey Robinson)

    I have been using TrainingPeaks since March of this year and could not be happier with the product.  I have used other software to track and analyze my workouts, but none have the all in one functionality offered by TrainingPeaks.  From before the workout (mapping and planning out the weeks to come) to post workout (performance analysis and cumulative total), they do it all.  I am not sure how I stayed on top of my workouts prior to TrainingPeaks, but I am definitely glad I found it and use it now!  For anyone who is not already using TrainingPeaks, you really need to sign up and give it a try, you will be hooked. (Tom Norton)


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