For anyone who uses Trainer Road for their indoor cycling tracking and/or uses the RIDES DVD series to keep motivated, the two can be paired.  I will warn you that using them together will hurt, since you then have the added pressure of holding a certain power number that equates to the effort prescribed by the DVD.  But you certainly get the benefit from the pain.  Or will next season anyway.  You can see from my screen shot below the way it lines up, with the RIDES footage on top and the power/timing info on the bottom.  Highly recommended.   [caption id="attachment_3373" align="alignnone" width="300"] Rides Southern California[/caption]   For those who use TrainingPeaks to track all of the info, I discovered something that most people may already know.  In addition to the running and cycling stress scores, there is also one for swimming that you can set to track your swim training impact on overall stress and fitness in conjunction with the other two disciplines.  Here is the description/method for setting up: Once set, when you enter your distances and times from your session, the score will automatically populate and be tracked in your calendar and cumulative figures for charting.


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