Traditional stretching is a thing of the past. Learn the best modern techniques in our triathlon videos.

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0:01 - Endurance Films introduction

0:13 - The Dynamic Warm-Up

0:36 - 3 Point Open Stance

1:33 - Heel and Toe Walks

2:08 - Walking High Knees

2:29 - Walking High Knees with Rotation

2:57 - Half Lunge and Twist

3:26 - Soldier Walk

3:53 - Backward Hamstring Walk

4:32 - Butt Kicks

5:03 - Heel Ups

5:38 - Running High Knees

6:08 - Power Skips with Arms 6:32 - Grape Vine EF - 0064

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There are more dynamic means to get the blood flowing and to loosen muscles than just stretching. In this clip from Triathlon: Strength Training, Volume 5 of the 5-disc USA Triathlon Training Series, National Team coach Bob Seebohar and Olympic medalist Susan Williams demonstrate 12 Dynamic Warm-up exercises proven to maximize training and competitive results.

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