Here how Endurance Films Race Team member Siphiwe Baleka got a chance to become the hope for a local South African grad school through competing. Learn more from triathlon videos.

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0:01 - Baleka’s family takes a tour to see how the other side of South Africa really lives

1:13 - Sip gets invited to speak to the children 2:32 - Giving back to the school with water tanks EF - 0071 - P Just back from Ironman South Africa, Endurance Films Racing Team's Siphiwe Baleka discusses a visit to an African grade school at which the 900 children lack running water, but have an abundance of hope...and Sip managed to give them a bit more. (Excerpt from webcam interview) For more about Siphiwe and the entire Endurance Films Racing Team, visit Web Analytics


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