As I embark on my First Duathlon of the Season this year, I found an old race report from my first Duathlon EVER!  I'm hoping for another strong race this weekend!   So here I was at the starting line of a biathlon, my first one ever, as a way to kick off my triathlon season. For the last 3 years the bane of my triathlon existence has been the run, it was the one piece of racing that I could not figure out. I was always told I rode too hard and that if I slowed down on my bike I would be able to run faster. The problem was that I wasn't that far off from my stand alone pace in races, I just was a painfully slow runner. So me ever standing on the starting lines of a Du, was a long shot. But after a winter of putting in almost 500 miles on the run I thought I was ready. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I wasn't sure what I should wear. I was going back and forth between short and long sleeves, and I finally decided that I would have enough time to warm up on the first run so I went with the short sleeves and gloves to keep my hands warm. I ran a quick warm up with Eric and Jen it was off to the start. First run 2.5 Miles I started off in the front like I have all winter because I have a new found confidence in my running ability. The gun goes off and there I was running stride for stride with pro-triathlete Paul Fritzche, and it lasts for all of about 3 seconds. He soon started to pull away and although I could still see the pace car, I knew I wouldn't be anywhere near Paul until after we both finish. I ran with another local seasoned triathlete for the next mile, but I couldn't sustain his pace for too long and I dropped back, as I looked behind me I couldn't believe how far the main pack was behind us, I got passed by a few more runner types, but I figured I would be able to pick some of them off on the bike so I just let them go. Coming into transition I was happy with my place but I figured it was time to make my move. Time: 14:38 (5:51/mile pace) Bike 10 Miles I was able to pick up a place or two with a quick transition and then I got on my bike, OK here we go my bread and butter. I push down on the pedals and shit my bike isn't moving, I know it's windy out, but It shouldn't be so hard to get moving. I'm pushing and I'm hardly going 17mph on the flats, and the first part of the ride is all uphill, this isn't looking good. I suck it up and just start to suffer, I keep looking back to see if anyone is coming to pass but no one in sight. I keep thinking that maybe I rode too hard the day before, or maybe it was the 5:51 pace that I had no idea I just ran. About 2 miles in I can still see the pack of the as the top ten are about 10 secs apart each and I was probably in 15th, here's where my legs wake up, but while I was able to gap the rest of the field behind me I'm not sure I picked up anything on the guys out in front. We came back down into transition and I could still see them all so it was time for the moment of truth. 27:28 (21.84MPH) Run 2 2.5 Miles I've mastered the flying dismount so I came into T2 and immediately off the bike and into my running shoes, once again in transition I picked up a place or two as I ran by guys who just had gotten off their bikes. Starting the run, boy did it hurt. I don't think my legs have ever felt that way, but I kept on pushing. About 1/2 mile in I made my first pass, and then another one another 1/4 mile down the road. I'm not used to passing people on the run, especially in multi sport events, boy what a feeling. About 1.5 Miles into the run a guy passes me but he wasn't really sweating and wasn't breathing all that hard, I found out later he was a part of a relay which explains why he looked as if he was running with a fresh pair of legs. I could see the rest of the top 10 but I was unable to catch up. 15:18 (6:07/mile pace) Total: 58:24 My original goal was to break an hour which I did, taking 2nd in my age group in the process. I also placed 12/253 finishers in a highly competitive race. Next I'm off to the Desoto Triple-T in 3 weeks can't wait!


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