Beach Lounging ;)

I feel so so so terribly lazy, yet I have been so busy (sorta!). Basically, I went on vacation with Dustins family to Gulf Shores, Alabama (on the border of Florida). In between weekends we did two races just as fun tune-up workouts before the main event, ChICAGO! (which I am leaving for tomorrow)! It really was a great trip, and everything I needed: Time with my love, his family, my bike, and a break from life in general.

We started the trip a day early, because lucky me needed to buy 4 new tires for my car. UgH. Dustins cousin is a car mechanic so he was nice enough to hook me up and not charge me a ton of extra fees. Phew. The next day was the race-Le Tour De Scott. Not really what it sounds like, but it was in a little town called Scott, Louisiana and it was a sprint triathlon (300-12-5k). We woke up to thunder, lightning, and pouring down skies. The race was only 10 minutes away so we decided to just wait until the rain settled down-obviously the race would not start on time with conditions like this! Me and Dustin both admitted that it was the "weirdest"race morning since we were just sitting around and not running out the door to be the first ones there! The race ended up being a success, and we both took home Overall Titles. Yay, for our first couples win of the year! Then it was time to pack up and continue the rest of the way to the beach for some relaxation!!  You can only imagine what happened at the beach...Tanning, sleeping, drinking, eating, and believe it or not- workouts! Gulf Shores has great bike paths and trails so we were lucky to be able to cruise around! It was awesome! Ill leave you with a picture summary for this trip: [caption id="attachment_2755" align="aligncenter" width="282"] Dustin getting barried![/caption] [caption id="attachment_2756" align="aligncenter" width="300"] We Biked to the Florida-Alabama border![/caption] [caption id="attachment_2757" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Beach View[/caption]

Well a week flew by and we headed back to lovely Houston, TX to tackle our next adventure- putting together a bunch of furniture, and biking a 40K TT. Yep, I moved into my new apartment and I literally have been living out of piles of clothes on the floor. Thankfully, Dustin spent all evening friday putting together a 1000- piece, crap-o-wood dresser, and installed curtains, fixed my bed on a riser and helped me out. Thanks babe! Then sunday morning we woke up to guess what??- Storms and Rain!! 2 races in a row in the pouring down rain. This time, conditions were not too great for me, but I still managed to bike a 1:04 40K, averaging 23.5mph, and a Second place female finish. Not bad, but I knew something was not right. Shivering in the freezing cold and then add in a full day at work left me in bed at 6pm Sunday night. Yikes! Now, as I have slept over 12 hours each night, plus naps, I think I am ready to take on my next adventure. The "A" race. The Race I have been saving it all for. We leave for Chicago tomorrow, and have 3 days to get ready before racing on Sunday. I am SO excited to go to my favorite city. Let vacation commence yet again =)


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