As much as it was said many times over the weekend but a huge thank you needs to be said to Danny and Eric for starting this last year and keeping it going and fueling it to be stronger this year.  Yesterday I saw Danny & Eric all over the course filming and working hard as they were all weekend as I'm sure all of you did.  Also a huge thank you to Zane for being there for all of us when we had a bike Issue and Jenny as well for cheering us on all weekend and taking pictures.  What they have done for us is tremendous and being a part of a team at such a huge event with such strong athletes from all around the country representing Endurance Films is a huge motivation I'm sure for all of us.  Lastly I want to say thank you to all of you, my teammates, for motivating me through the season and off-season with your blog  & facebook posts and continuing to perform beyond expectations in all aspects of life whether its Sip traveling to Africa to do his first Ironman and dragging all 20 of his kids with him and managing to have a solid race, or Cortney dominating the Virginia triathlon circuit, or as simple as Liz pursuing her graduate degree while chasing her real dream of being a pro triathlete or Casey talking to kids about triathlon and sharing his dreams of Rio 2016 with them.  As the new teammates will eventually see, if they don't already, is that we have a great support system between us and some really talented athletes among us.  I look forward to getting to know everyone more as we move forward with the team.  Congrats to everyone on some really strong performances this weekend! [caption id="attachment_2764" align="alignnone" width="573"] Team Bonding![/caption]


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