On Sunday, 8/26, I raced the Olympic distance of Rev3 Maine.  This was the inaugural event for the location and it went well.  Oceanfront location, great weather and logistical coordination made it a perfect setting to race.  There was one less than ideal obstacle to the setup, due to the layout of the buildings and availability for a transition area.  After the swim exit, there was a run to T1 of a bit over 1/3 of a mile.  But, we all had to do it, so game on! Swim, 1500m 24:57 1:40/100m T1 (with the loooong run) 4:01 Bike, 40k,24.8 miles 1:03:49 (23.3 mph) T2 1:00 Run, 10k/6.2 miles, 39:51 Total 2:13:38  2/20 age group, 9/300 overall This was my second race at the Olympic distance ever, and also my second in two weeks.  Ha.  This time I managed to NOT lose my watch early in the bike, so I knew where I was, distance wise, on the course and also my workrate.  That helped immensely and my bike split was over 4 minutes faster. The pro division of this race was loaded and it was great to see them out on the course and the speed with which they were moving.  Impressive stuff. Since this is a much larger race than is normal for Maine and many competitors were from all over the Eastern US, I was unsure of where I stood in the race until it was over.  At the run turnaround I only recognized one of the racers ahead of me and since I was in wave 2 of the age groupers I couldn’t tell if they were in my age group or not.  Turns out only one of them was (and by several minutes) and I ended up 2nd in the 30-34 category. [caption id="attachment_2854" align="alignnone" width="300"] Male 30-34 podium[/caption] Good to get back on the podium after getting annihilated at Nationals.  First time, of many, as part of the Endurance Films team! Next to the race location is the Old Orchard Beach pier.  Famous for pier fries and fried dough.  So the post race nutrition had to include some fried dough with cinnamon and sugar: Take care! Tom


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