Age Group Nationals 8/18/12 – Burlington, VT – 2:20:10 It was great meeting all my EFRT members!  Even though we are all from different parts of the country, I truly feel like I'm part of a close-knit team.  And if I do any destination triathlons I’ll be sure to look up any teammates the area!  ;)

  • Swim – 1500m – 26:53
  • Water was rough, sun was bright and I definitely got lost.  I mayyy have missed a turn buoy (shhh, don’t tell the race officials) but it definitely was not to my advantage.
  • Bike – 40K – 1:06:16  *PR
  • How many people can say they got a PR the very first time riding a new bike?! … I can!!  Thank you Jack Kane Bikes and Zane for hooking me up with the EFRT’s bike.  Not only did the bike look sexy, but it rode so smooth and so fast!
  • Run – 10K – 44:19
  • Since this was my B race, I coasted.  I was waving to spectators, thanking the volunteers, chatting it up with my competition… Just having a great time and really taking in the amazing experience!
    Park City Mossman 8/26/12 – Bridgeport, CT – 2:14:04  *PR Hey there fellow EFRT member Nick Logan!  He and his colleagues put on a fast and flat course made to set PRs, and set PRs I did! (in all 3 legs)
  • Swim – 1500m – 24:31 *PR
  • For the 2nd weekend in a row I got a little lost on the swim.  I feel like I could have been a lot faster, but I was happy with my PR.
  • Bike – 40K – 1:05:52 *PR
  • 5 loops of a 5-mile course…made me a little dizzy but was spectator friendly, which was cool.  There was a strong headwind in one direction that made one turnaround feel like hitting a wall, but boy did I fly when I got to ride with the wind!  My legs didn't feel the best, but I was happy with my PR.
  • Run – 10K – 42:19 *PR
  • 2 loops.  I felt real good.  On the out portion of the 2nd loop (from mile 3 to 4.5) I clung to the heels of a guy who caught me.  He was moving at a good clip, so I let him take that headwind as I caught my wind and prepped for a strong finish.  It was funny, after the race, he thanked me for pacing him, I responded, “no, thank you for taking the wind!” :)
  Lake George Triathlon 9/1/12 – Lake George, NY – 2:15:39 Nothing like a long, weekend getaway race with my fellow UConn triathlon teammates!  A teammate had relatives that lived on nearby Lake Luzerne that were kind enough to let myself and 5 other college kids stay with them for the long, Labor Day weekend.  The area was absolutely b.e.a.UTIFUL and as was the race!
  • Swim – 1500m – 24:52
  • A simple out and back… Even I couldn’t get lost!  This was my first good swim in awhile.
  • Bike – 40K – 1:04:54 *PR
  • I felt awesome and I absolutely crushed the bike!  I caught up to 3 or 4 strong riders and we pushed and paced each other to T2.  A racer, as he ran by me on the run, even complimented me on my biking strategy, “great job keeping it legal out there on the bike.”  Being in that group of 3 or 4 riders, I was able to rarely take the wind 100%.  While I usually sat in the second position of the group, I made a point to keep my distance from the biker in front of me.
  • Run – 10K – 43:44
  • Coasted.  I was definitely feeling that hard hill workout I did on the Wednesday leading up to the race... and the 2 Olympic Tris from the previous 2 weekends.


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