I got a great deal on some avocados at the store today, so I was super excited to make some fresh guacamole for my family.  It got rave reviews from my family:

"super delicious"



Yep, I think we've got a winner here!  Enjoy   3-6 small avocados diced Dash of lemon or lime juice ¼ cup of diced onions (I don’t really measure much, but I think it was about this much) 4 cloves of garlic (yes, I LOVE garlic and it’s good for the immune system) ¼ of a red Anaheim pepper, finely chopped, from the garden (no seeds) – a little tame for my liking but gotta keep it edible for my kids) Splash of white vinegar Fresh chopped cilantro to taste Salt to taste   Mix it all up.  I like to mash the avocados a little bit.  Scoop it up with some light crackers, crisp cucumber slices, tortilla or pita chips.  I love the seven-grain ones from Costco.  Enjoy!   Coach Lora Erickson “Blonde Runner” www.BlondeRunner.com


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