In this clip from SCIENCE OF TRIATHLON sports psychologist Bruce Gottlieb delves into the inner workings of the triathlete’s mind. Learn more from our triathlon videos.

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0:14 - How clean is your mind?

1:51 - The power pyramid

4:02 - Maximizing your mental capacities for peak performance 6:10 - Conscious intent Kairen's Corner Photography & Digital Arts

Visualization in sports is a widely used tool. It's one thing to visualize the moment of a golf swing or shooting a free throw, but it's entirely different when you're talking about visualizing an entire triathlon. In this clip from the SCIENCE OF TRIATHLON, sports psychologist, Bruce Gottlieb delves into the inner workings of a triathlete's mind and discusses keys for seeing success and then making it happen. SCIENCE OF TRIATHLON is a 9-hour lecture series featuring coach Joe Friel, author of the best-selling, THE TRIATHLETE'S TRAINING BIBLE. USAT coaches - get CEU's from this video!

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