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Danny Kolker introduces the panel for “The Outseason,” and promotes his show, “The Endurance Zone.”

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0:06 - Intro by Danny Kolker

1:05 - Introducing Jeff Booher of TriDot

2:07 - Introducing Bill Burnett of Streamline Events

3:30 - Introducing Sean Jackson of Tri Tats

3:54 - Intro to The Endurance Zone

4:44 - Promos and Offers

EF - 0182

  • "Meet the panel for Danny Kolker’s discussion of Outseason Training in today’s video-->"[Click To Tweet]

Recorded live, Danny Kolker hosts this webcast featuring prominent names from around the world of Triathlon. On the discussion panel we have Jeff Booher of TriDot Systems, Bill Burnett of Streamline Events and the “mystery guest” from Tri Tats, rumored to be Sean Jackson. Be sure to check out every segments for information on various offers and promotions.

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