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5-Time Olympic coach Bobby McGee  discusses the questions you need to ask yourself when you are competing in endurance races.

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1:20 - 1.) Anxiety - What are we afraid of?

3:29 - 2.) Effectiveness - How self-efficacious are you?

4:33 - 3.) Value - How valuable is the sport to you? 5:34 - 4.) Peak sensation - How do we deal with it? Mental Skills for Endurance Athletes: Bobby McGee Discusses 4 Mental Pathways to Success for Endurance Athletes Please don’t be shy and share this Bobby McGee post on Facebook, tweet it, or forward it as an email to your friends, fellow runners, and triathletes. If you enjoy this video, please post your comments on Facebook - I will personally answer your questions. To receive more free running videos, click here ->http://bobbymcgee.com/welcome


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