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Nipples, inches, and lubricants are all discussed in detail in today’s clip from Interbike 2013

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0:03 - Interbike 2013 Outdoor Bike Demo

0:16 - Blown Away by All the Bicycles!

0:27 - Lubrication: “Is There Anything Else to Talk About?”

0:44 - “How Many Inches Ya Got?”

1:20 - The Big Wheel Booth!

1:41 - Host Segment Bloopers

2:20 - Peanut Butter Gel

2:32 - Just Spinning Your Wheels?

2:35 - Fun With Cell Phone Cases

2:53 - Danny Gets a Handful of Nipples

3:12 - That’s a Wrap!

EF - 0175

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Welcome to the Endurance Zone — A “Soup”-style quick hit of news, tidbits and triathlon tips from the lighter side of Endurance Sports.

Danny Kolker covers the Interbike 2013 Outdoor Bike Demo. See him engage in discussions about inches and lubricants. Take a ride on an adult-sized Big Wheel and laugh as Danny fumbles his lines again and again. But what will he do for an encore? Why, grab some nipples of course! Yes, we’re serious. Watch and see!

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