As I start to write this post I have 12 short weeks until my first race of the season which will be taking place in Knoxville, TN.  My running has been strong and I've added a 3rd day of swimming to my weekly training.  Most weeks I've been able to get out for a decent 2-3 long ride at least once, even though it's been cold.  My fitness has definitely been increasing over the last two months and I've gotten my long run up to 18 miles which is now just around the 2 hour mark for me. The extra swimming has resulted in me putting on some muscle and my body is having a hard time letting go so I am wavering between 171 and 173 on a daily basis.  I don't think I'm going to be able to get under 170 until I start seeing some longer rides outside when the weather breaks.  I could probably cut more calories from my diet to get under 170, but I would rather have a solid recovery now that intensity is a staple in my weekly schedule.    My biking has remained strong and consistent and now its time to turn up the heat!   Summary Stats Weight on 9/24 184 Lbs 12% body fat (start of "off-season" break and gluten free eating) Weight on 11/5  176.6 lbs 9.6% body fat Weight on 12/5 174.0 9.6% Body Fat Weight on 1/8 /13 171.8 8.8% Body Fat Weight on 2/8 /13 171.8 8.8% Body Fat 20 min Power on 10/2- 295 watts  3.55 watt/KG 20 Min Power on 11/23-324 Watts 4.08 Watt/KG 5k Time 10/28-18:05 5k Time 12/1617:51 (5:45 Pace) 5k Time 1/6/13 17:30 (5:38 Pace) 1/2 Marathon Time 11/111:25:34 10k Time 1/6/13 36:51 (5:56 Pace) 100 SCY  Sprint 1/3/13 1:15/100


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