swim-laps Here's a nice 3200 yard workout to get your shoulders back into racing mode. Choose a 100-yard (or meter) base time that's achievable but a bit of a push. For example, 1:30 is a steady but comfortable pace for me at this point in the season, so I dropped my base interval down to 1:25 for this.   200 yard Warmup   Two times through: 1oo yard freestyle on 1:25 150 on 2:10 100 on 1:25   Two times through: 150 on 2:10 200 on 2:50 150 on 2:10   Two times through: 200 on 2:50 250 on 3:35 200 on 2:50   200 cool down   By the time you get to the second set of 150-200-150, your arms should be on fire. Push yourself not to drop the pace!  


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