chiaheart article chia seeds Chia seeds are one of the most beneficial foods for endurance athletes not only do they provide essential Omega 3's, super antioxidants, and great fiber content they are a staple for my new diet. In May of 2011 I started to have problems with my GI system and could not figure out what was causing it. I would continue to do the GU's, blocks and gels before certain races to keep my energy going. Little did I know that this was a small contributor to my GI upset and lack of energy. I started to look at alternative energy sources that were considered raw for energy supplementation. I came across a small booth at an Ironman expo this past year and discovered Chia seeds!!! I asked many questions as to what they came from and what they could do to benefit my overall health. I decided to buy a small bag and try them and all that I have to say is "WOW," what a difference in my energy levels and overall endurance, I was hooked! I continue to use these seeds on a daily basis, they also provide an anti-inflammatory component that has benefited me with the amount of mileage and training that I do. I have noticed that I have a faster recovery time and better overall performance with these beauties. Chia seeds can be incorporated into many foods, there are may recipes online to become creative with this little seed. I like to have mine with Chobani Greek yogurt a few times a day. Look and see what is right for you and reap the benefits. Chia seeds are considered a raw, gluten free, and natural food. They are derived from South America and have been used and cultivated for may years. There are many brands of Chia seeds from the very expensive bags that range from $55.00 to the cheaper bags for about $9.00. I have bought the high end and lower end products and see no difference, I have to stick with what is in my budget. I highly recommend Chia seeds, always do your homework before considering any new product.


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