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Triathlon Videos: Priorities in Strength Training of Periodization by Derek Grabert

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0:01 - the Priority List for Tri Performance

1:55 - Aerobic Training

3:39 - Interval Training

7:11 - Lactate 8:38 - Resistance Training EF-0117  

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  The 2012 Art & Science of Triathlon International Coaching Symposium is the third in the triathlon videos series (following 2008 and 2010) captured from two full days of material from expert coaches, scientists, and practitioners sharing the latest information and findings. In this excerpt from his presentation, USA Triathlon strength coach Derek Grabert addresses how the various types of strength training should be prioritized within a triathlete's overall training plan. See more Endurance Films Triathlon Videos at our YouTube Channel. And while you’re at it, test your Triathlon history knowledge and take our Triathlon history quiz now!
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