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USA Triathlon Videos: Swimming Efficiency - Body Position and Stroke

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0:01 - Endurance Films introduction

0:22 - The Swim: challenges

1:45 - Overview of stroke and positioning

2:30 - The effects of poor head positioning

3:25 - The recovery and pull stages

5:14 - Kick 6:26 - Breathing EF - 0021  

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  This is another one of those awesome triathlon videos brought to you by Endurance Films. Some people just make it look easy...long, fluid strokes, gliding through the water, breathing in rhythm. So why not be one of those people? In this excerpt from the USAT Triathlon Training Series, Olympic Triathlete, Andy Potts and National Coach, Mike Doane demonstrate how knowledge of a few keys to body position and your swim stroke can have a tremendous impact on your performance. See more Endurance Films Triathlon Videos at our YouTube Channel. And while you’re at it, test your Triathlon history knowledge and take our Triathlon history quiz now!
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