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Joel Friel defines Periodization in Triathlon Training and Discusses How to do Periodization for Triathlon

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0:09 - What Defines periodization?

0:23 - Joe Friel’s definition of Triathlon Training Periodization

1:00 - Mark Allen’s insight into Training Periodization 1:32 - What athletes do wrong in periodization EF - 0150

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  Joel Friel addresses the concept of perdiodization at this presentation, and discusses the common myths and mistakes that athletes and coaches make around building yearly triathlon training plans. He also discusses Mark allen’s definition of periodization.

This is a short clip from the Endurance Films Art & Science Series -- The Art & Science Series is a joint production with USAT and Endurance Films to provide coaching education materials for Triathlon Coaches. Each Lecture series is worth 12 Triathlon Coaching CEUs.

This lecture is from Art & Science Volume 2 ->


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