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Mark Allen discusses the real secret to building your mindset on race day for Ironman To view and comment on this video, Click Here

0:09 - Organic Mindset

1:09 - Quieting Your Mind

1:50 - Mark Allen on Training and Mindset

3:46 - One Breath Technique

4:26 - Principles of Race Day EF - 0146

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  Watch as Mark Allen talks about the mindset necessary to get through an Ironman Triathlon. This clip is part of a larger USAT lecture at Art & Science.

This is a short clip from the Endurance Films Art & Science Series -- The Art & Science Series is a joint production with USAT and Endurance Films to provide coaching education materials for Triathlon Coaches. Each Lecture series is worth 12 Triathlon Coaching CEUs.  

To view the Art & Science Series, go and visit ->http://endurancefilms.com/store/USAT/  

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