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This funny spoof of Andy Potts shows the mental effects of Triathlon on its elite athletes

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0:01 - The Mental Effects of Triathlon - long term study

0:20  - Andy Potts demonstrates breathing 0:55 - Danny’s final commentary on Andy EF - 0145

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  USA Triathlon recently did a study on the long term effects of Triathlon the mental condition of its top athletes. This hilarious case study of Andy Potts shows some amazing scenes of what Triathlon can do to a professional athlete.

This is a short clip from the Endurance Zone --- A “Soup”-style quick hit of news, tidbits and tips from the lighter side of Endurance Sports. In this pilot episode, a man gets tasered at a finish line, some kids totally school us, and Olympian Andy Potts goes mental in the spotlight.

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