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Mark Allen talks about Strength Training for Ironman Triathlons in training

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0:09 - Strength Training is the most underutilized tool in Triathlon

0:20 - Base Training Phase

0:35 - Advantages of muscle in races

0:51 - Ironman produces tissue damage equal to a heart attack 1:10 - Build up lean muscle before the race to prevent damage EF - 0147  

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  Mark Allen calls strength training one of the most underutilized tools in the sport of Triathlon. Strength training will build the capacity of an athlete for speed after base training phase, and it will set up an athlete to make it through the rigors of a full ironman triathlon race.

This is a short clip from the Endurance Films Art & Science Series -- The Art & Science Series is a joint production with USAT and Endurance Films to provide coaching education materials for Triathlon Coaches. Each Lecture series is worth 12 Triathlon Coaching CEUs.

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