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Do you have problems on the mental side of the Triathlon? These kids have the answers.

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0:01 - How to think about the mental side of triathlon.

0:10 - Focus on the finish line.

0:19 - How to pretend you are farther along in the race.

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This hilarious clip of USAT National Junior Competitors gives you a mental side of the Triathlon. This is actually really simple - focus on the finish line (no matter how far you are away).

This is a short clip from the Endurance Zone --- A “Soup”-style quick hit of news, tidbits and tips from the lighter side of Endurance Sports. In this pilot episode, a man gets tasered at a finish line, some kids totally school us, and Olympian Andy Potts goes mental in the spotlight.

To view the full episode, go and visit -> http://www.endurancefilms.com/store/blog/endurance-zone-triathlon-tips-from-kids-2/  

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