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Joe Friel discusses Triathlon Training at a USA Triathlon Presentation where he answers questions

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0:22 - The Relationship between TSS Scores and the Bike

1:30 - Pacing is critical for athlete training plans

2:10 - How racing relates to training sessions

2:35 - Adjusting workout sessions for hills in racing

3:05 - Using power meters, RPE, and HR to adjust training intensity

3:45 - How to adjust running training intensities 4:45 - How to adjust for altitude in training and racing EF - 0151

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  Watch as Joe Friel discusses principles of Triathlon Training, fielding questions at a USA Triathlon Coaches education conference. In this session he discusses how to adjust workout sessions for hills, how to measure training intensity on the bike and the run, and how to adjust your training for altitude differences.

This is a short clip from the Endurance Films Art & Science Series -- The Art & Science Series is a joint production with USAT and Endurance Films to provide coaching education materials for Triathlon Coaches. Each Lecture series is worth 12 Triathlon Coaching CEUs.

This lecture is from Art & Science Volume 2 -> http://endurancefilms.com/store/USAT-2010-Art-and-Science-of-Triathlon-SERIES-2-CEU-EXAM.html

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