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"Pigeon Pose," will increase range-of-motion and flexibility in the hips, and "Corpse Pose," in which the athlete can practice reserving energy to apply when it is more useful.

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0:11 pigeon pose flow

0:35 bringing your left leg forward

2:05 head to knee pose

3:55 second side

4:50 backbend version

6:00 revolving the pose

7:00 back to table pose 7:11 corpse pose EF - 0163

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  In this routine from the video version of the best-selling book, Author and Coach, Sage Rountree, guides the athlete through a series of centering exercises designed to focus the body and mind. To get more information on the full video, please visit: http://endurancefilms.com/store/The-Athlete-s-Guide-to-Yoga.html  


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