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Triathlon Open water swimming, how drills can improve your swimming technique for open water swimming.

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0.05  Why Core based swimming is the most powerful way to swim.

0.27  Why equal weight shift from side to side in the water is important to maintain efficiency and fluidity.

1.05 How Stomach balance drills teaches your body to be level in the water.

2.13 The importance of drills in improving swimming technique for Open water swimming..

2.21 What is important to remember when doing balance on the back drills for correct technique..

3.06 When practising a side balance drill its harder to balance, the arm on top should be dry and try not to drop your hip.

3.51 What does the extended arm technique teach you?

4.05 Why Freeze frame freestyle is what you want to try and achieve in every stroke.

4.52 Swimming at easy speeds is a great way to teach your body to do things correctly in the water.

5.27 Learn to do drills on both sides as in swimming you are required to swim on your sides more.

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Practicing swim drills in the pool is vital for teaching your body to swim the most efficiently and therefore increase your overall performances and times. The best way to execute the drills is to practice first and then apply to your own swimming. A level body position in the water is at the core of all the drills as soon as the head is lifted and the hips are dropped, fluidity and performance are lost.

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