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World Wife Carrying Championships, The Tortoise and the Hare in Ironman 70.3 Brazil, and Lack of Bladder Control = World's Fittest Woman?

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0:06 - Danny Kolker’s hilarious introduction

0:29 - What on earth is wife carrying?

1:15 - Women are stolen (sometimes).

1:32 - Why is it 253m for this race?

2:00 - The Estonian Method - Danny wants to see.

2:15 - The Tortoise and the Hare in Portuguese

3:01 - Did you see him touch that guy?

3:25 - Sportsman or loser?

3:35 - Crossfit games

4:01 - What does urine have to do with fitness? 4:30 - Depends and UnderArmor’s new product. EF - 0158 - P Danny Kolker comes back strong in the second episode of Endurance Zone, taking a wide tour around the world of Endurance Sports, searching far and wide for great feats of fitness and endurance. You wouldn’t believe what he found: wife carrying, crossfit and how they measure fitness, and turning Triathlon into a contact sport at the finish line.

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