Picture this – A week long triathlon camp in Boulder headlined by Mark Allen. Sound good?
Well, it was awesome. This is the camp our partner Triathlon Research hosted this past August.

Some of you were lucky enough to be there.  For everyone else, you're lucky too.  We were there with our cameras and we’re currently preparing OVER 25 HOURS OF VIDEO to share with you. The camp’s focus was Form, Fitness and Mindset and was comprised of presentations, group workouts, one-on-one instruction, technology demonstrations and more.

Alongside Mark Allen were Total Immersion’s Terry Laughlin, Dr. Suzanne Atkinson, Running Coach Jay Johnson and other special guests.

Ordinarily, only the campers are privy to the invaluable information and insights delivered at the camp.

Not this time!

We’ll soon be bringing you the virtual camp experience.

Every lecture, every demonstration and all the hands-on training sessions are going to be online, streaming to wherever you are, whenever you want it!

Interested? Just click this link to stay posted on all new developments.


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