Staying Safe and Healthy When the Heat is On What You Should Know About Heat Illness and ExerciseThe heart of Triathlon season, as well as the season for people getting more active in general, coincides with rising temperatures of the Summer. Naturally, we're all eager to maximize time outdoors, especially after winter keeps us cooped up. However, knowing how our bodies function under the stress of heat is imperative. Heat illness can be devastating...even fatal. So please, check out this great article from Active called: What You Should Know About Heat Illness and Exercise - 

What You Should Know About Heat Illness and Exercise - Exercise induced heat illness is a serious, and at times fatal, health risk facing athletes who train or compete during warmer times of the year. It is the third leading cause of death among high school athletes in the United States. It is a condition that manifests when the body's thermoregulatory systems are unable to properly maintain its core temperature, causing it to rise to levels that can produce physical and mental symptoms, organ tissue damage and death. As such, it is wise to be aware of this condition and to take proper steps to recognize and more importantly to prevent its occurrence. READ MORE


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