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Bobby McGee Run Transformation Drill Series

Presented by internationally renowned run and triathlon coach, Bobby McGee, this comprehensive run drills series systematically progresses the body toward optimal run performance. Each drill and drill set, from the simple "activation" of the running musculature to the running mechanics-focused exercises to the power-building plyometrics, has a precise bio-mechanical purpose. This series has been time-tested and proven to lead to extraordinary success with world class athletes and age-groupers alike.

BM - Plyometrics

Plyometrics are a high-demand set of activities intended to put resistance load on the muscles and build power. Plyometrics should be implemented after having done the necessary preparation. Be sure to progress gradually and ensure good form. For most effective results, be sure to follow protocol as prescribed by the video. 

Plyometrics 1 - Calf Busters
Plyometrics 2 - Lunges
Plyometrics 3 - Stride Extender
Plyometrics 4 - Split Jump
Plyometrics 5 - Endurance Skipping
Plyometrics 6 - High Skips
Plyometrics 7 - Hopping
Plyometrics 8 - Hill Springs
Plyometrics 9 - Straight Leg Bounds
Plyometrics 10 - Bounds