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Renowned coach Matt Dixon of Purplepatch Fitness reveals the top 7 most common mistakes age-group triathletes make and how to avoid them. Then dive deeper into triathlete performance and how to maximize your potential in the sport. This is the keynote presentation from the NYTRI expo. Click here to learn more about Purplepatch Fitness.


Coach/Presenter: Matt Dixon
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NY Tri Expo Clinic Series

Recorded LIVE at the 2016 NY Triathlon Expo. Learn from some of the world's top triathlon coaches on a variety of topics including Strength Training, Ironman, Swimming Efficiency, Avoiding Common Mistakes, Gear to Make you Faster and more.

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  • gopal, 4/5/2016
    Great talk!

    Wow, nice to see I'm not alone in my struggles. Thanks for a wonderful presentation.